Contract Manufacturing & Filling

Our state-of-the-art machinery and vast know-how enable flexible production and trouble-free performance even for the most demanding formulations

We offer modern technologies and intelligent solutions to optimise the production and filling processes of all kinds of gases, liquids, gels and creams.

Customized solutions

Choose from our comprehensive service range or simply make use of our whole expertise with our Full Filling Service.

Development formulation:

With the newest technologies and our vast experience, we can meet market and customer standards, even for demanding formulations.

Development packaging:
Our independent packaging developments as well as our observation of the market allow us to support you in realising your wishes and ideas in a new and unique product.

Our accurate and thorough assembly is in accordance with high quality standards. On top of that we manufacture in a clean room production environment.


Our sustainable and eco-friendly point of view is responsible for our preference of propellants such as compressed air or nitrogen. Furthermore, we apply the distinctive “crimping” closure technology.

With our new and optimised vacuum processing systems we work under clean conditions, following the guidelines set by our high quality standards.

The extensive know-how of our team and the state-of-the-art machinery ensures reliable production and filling.

With our high-rack warehouse and expert team we can competently construct and handle your products logistics.

Toyo Service:
On top of that we have access to the production and filling capacities of the Toyo Seikan Group, offering you a chance to connect markets.


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